Thursday, December 1, 2011

I love December list

i love december
i love  filling my house with  the delicious smell of baking
i love bringing in boughs from outside
i love the stack of mail to take to the postoffice
i love hot apple cider
i love wrapping christmas gifts
i love that i am in the midst of my 29 days of giving
i love christmas cards that arrive in the mail
i love making egg nog ice cream because it makes people very happy
i love that i celebrate 3 birthdays this month
i love the frost that sparkles on the ground each morning
i love that caleb cooks me christmas dinner now
i love stockings
i love wreaths on doors
i love the twinkly trees all through Langford so much.
i love the people that run the foodbank
i love imagining my friend kims' beautiful tree
i love wearing scarves and touques
i love the hope of a snow day
i love making snow flakes
i love the chickadees that are eating at the birdfeeder
i love the smell of Owen's candied pecans
i love that we light candles more often now
i love Amy Grant's christmas album
i love snuggling under extra warm afghans that were made long ago
i love hot chocolate with miniature marshmallows
i love  gifts in tiny brown bags
i love the joy that people are so generous to share
i love the red kettles that fill with coins in the front of stores
i love edible ornaments on the christmas tree
i love garlands strung outside for the birds
i love the anticipation that the last month of the year brings

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