Friday, December 30, 2011

my word.

every year i pick a word
here is my post from last year
about my 2011 word
when i read this older post today
i was suprised and yet,
 not at all surprised
all in the same breath
so much of what
i was hoping for and aware of
and struggling with
in january 2011
i am still working through
in december 2011.
and as i have been pondering my
word for 2012
there has been a feeling
that i might still be needing to
embrace and learn from the word
of 2011.
this has been a challenging
yet also
 a year full of so much goodness and grace.
this has been a year of
 heartache and sorrow.
it feels as if
sickness and monumental change
have  followed our every footstep.

 I have taken some enormous steps towards living
a more balanced life
but also some baby steps
that have the potential to become much stronger
and purposful in their daily walking.
I have more to learn
about this word
and what i wrote about almost a year ago
this year
this new year that is shiny and new
and full of optimism
my word
is going to continue to be

1 comment:

  1. I wish you well, friend! Balance is a good word. A strong word. An achievable word. Blessings...