Saturday, December 10, 2011


six weeks is a long time
to be apart.
and we are preparing for the return
of the
curly haired girl
(which is what i always call her despite her having bone straight hair most days)

the initial return was delayed
and i remembered
that i was learning about patience
and sharing and how time away is sometimes
easier than time together.
(not that i like the truth of that statement but there it is)

next weekend we do the long drive
listening to music
to collect the missing piece to our family
and we are delighted.

we are also aware
that the journey is not over
that there will be readjustment pains
and difficult conversations and confrontations
and there will be stretching and growing
and it will have moments that are so tough.

and moments that are so sweet.
and moments that are so funny.
and moments that are so frustrating
(for each of us)
and moments of nothing
and moments of everything.

"recovery is about more than
walking away.
sometimes it means
learning to stay and deal.
it's about
building and maintaining
relationships that work"

that is our prayer and our goal
rebuilding and maintaining
 a relationship
that works
with our most precious
most loved
curly haired girl.

7 sleeps till it all begins

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