Thursday, December 15, 2011

he's a sharer..

i love
the fact
that whenever i ask caleb
a question about cooking
he doesn't even hesitate
in his response.
i love that he
starts rummaging through
the cupboards,
talking all the while
and he
doesn't just answer my question
but he
right then and there
starts to make it.
he chatters away
moving with
confidence and joy
around the kitchen
and before you know it
whatever it was
that i was curious
is sitting on my counter

i asked about
homemade truffles
yummy chocolate bites
of goodness.
my fridge now has
a plate of them
waiting to be
savoured by whoever
can't resist the
lure of deep rich creamy chocolate.

i love this
 about caleb
i love his enthusiasm
for his craft.
i love that he is a
a sharer of what he has learned
and is learning.

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