Tuesday, December 20, 2011

today has looked like this...

i woke up with a deep feeling of sadness
i hid under the covers for a while
while owen chatted with his lovely sister
on the phone

 then i
staggered somewhat awake
downstairs and in an attempt
to jolly things up
put on our christmas playlist.
after a few songs and a cup of tea
it occured to me
that either we don't have the greatest
playlist or there are alot of sad christmas songs out there.

i turned the music off.
it wasn't helping much.

my mornings are particulary
lovely because i am greeted
by a very cheerful little mister
at my door
and when he drops his stuffed dog at my feet
and chats away about the newest thing
it is hard to feel sad for very long.

sorrow can be persistant
and really,
it probably is a mix of sorrow
and just feeling sorry for myself
which i have no reason to be doing
but hey,
it happens.
my glum mood continued

my lovely friend stopped by and after
a rousing chat about the reality of life
and another cup of tea
i was feeling much better
because really,
how long can i afford to stay sad?
i miss alot when I am gloomy.
and i didn't want to miss out on anymore goodness from today.

i really don't!

and of course
 a constant stream
of hugs and kisses
from little people
is the greatest mood booster i know

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