Friday, December 2, 2011

what she teaches me.

she teaches me all the time.
even when she isn't here with me.
i can feel the lessons and the love
amid the confusion and the heartache.

she teaches me about honesty.
she teaches me about the importance of forgiveness.
she teaches me about being brave
even when very.very. afraid.

she reminds me to laugh
with that big smile and belly laugh of hers.
and she reminds me to seek new adventures and experiences.

she teaches me about listening
to the story underneath all the chatter
and she teaches me to share.

she reminds me that it does indeed take a village to raise a child
and she teaches me humility and grace.

she teaches me that being beautiful comes from inside ourselves
and a great outfit doesn't hurt either.

she teaches me that heart stretching is possible
and that pain fades and is replaces by love

she teaches me to make connections every single day
and to always say i love you.

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