Monday, December 12, 2011

we went to the creek

this boy and i
summer, fall, winter, and spring
almost every day
for over two years

we strung a tree
with a paper chain
that we made together.

the tree had a small flock
of blue birds that decided to nest there.
they look quite lovely
i think
and i
 at the though of who might
stumble upon them
and hopefully
be blessed by their messages
stamped on the back.

perhaps tomorrow
we will add a few
rolled in bird seed.

i see this daily decorating
 as a way
of gifting the trail
thanking it for
all of the secrets and delights
that have been shared
with us.
the wonders and adventures
and splashings and runnings.
the milestones of being tall enough
to get up on the stump
and the
when the log was dragged away.

the flora and fauna
that we have encountered

deer, squirrels, fungi, wild flowers, snakes, berries, rosehips
ducks, chicadees, slugs
 our beloved and curiosity provoking slugs

a whole family of woodpeckers all in one tree!

we will continue to decorate
the tree
until the end of the week
and leave it
to suprise and delight
those who also love our trail.

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  1. so delightful!!

    this reminds me of one of my favourite Christmas story books: A Wish to be a Christmas Tree :) Here's a link to a youtube video of the story - you will love the ending: