Monday, December 26, 2011

did you hear it?

did you hear it?
the big happy sigh at the end of the day yesterday?
the deep, love filled, relaxed exhale of  happiness
occured around 11 pm
and was preceeded by a most wonderful day.

the day would perhaps have looked boring to some
being most of it was spent on the couch.
in fact
i didn't get out of my pj's all day long.
not once.
the big happy sigh was the direct result
of spending the entire day
entire day
in the company of my children.

it is true
that saying
you hear
about not really appreciating what you have
until you don't have it.
i didn't really understand that until now.
(even if i thought i might have- i really didn't)
it's only been
during these past few difficult months
of not having what we had taken for granted
or at the very least thought we would always have
that has brought me a little bit closer to understanding
the importance of making every moment count.

for in
 these moments and days
when we are all together and happy and content to just be
in each others presence
i am so aware.
so blessed.
so willing to just sit and let it all happen.
i don't need to force an activity or keep busy
or concern myself with what isn't happening
i am now able to just be.
just be with my kids
relaxed and free from expectations and demands.

so at the end of a quiet and peaceful day
we rolled into bed
  looked at each other
and said
"it has been a very good christmas"

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  1. Aw.....sounds wonderful. We had the same idea for Christmas day - and did the same. I spent the entire day in pjs (can't remember the last time I ever did that), and relaxed, hung out, played, and enjoyed the whole day - nowhere to rush off to.