Friday, December 9, 2011

chasing cheerfulness

last week
i had a few days where i had to
chase cheerfulness.
it wasn't just falling into my lap
as easily as it does most days
so i went on a little treasure hunt.
here is how i found some:

i added nutmeg to my kefir
now it is all festive
and we call it...
goat nog

i painted my fingernails
this is unusual for me.
toes yes,
fingers never
but you know what
each time i looked down
i was all suprised and quite tickled to have
purple fingernails

i made stuff.
stuff for other people.
it always cheers me up to give away
little bits of this and that.
usually ice cream or cookies
or a note here and there.
right now i am on a garland kick.

even the cheerfulest of hearts
can have days that feel less than okay.
and it is on those days
that i need to seek out ways to bless others
and bless myself
and restore that happy countenance.

1 comment:

  1. I *LOVE* that you call it 'goat nog'! HA! You are so funny, beautiful, encouraging and WONDERFUL! I am so excited for you to be Super Aunty for my wee one! Also, I got your Christmas card in the mail yesterday---thank you!