Thursday, January 6, 2011

my thoughts on balance

January 6
Good morning Suzy...
yesterday i spent the day doodling about the word balance. Balance is the word that I have chosen for 2011. Each year i pick a word, or some might say a word picks me and then i try, like you to embrace, learn, grow and truly make that work "mine". to be honest, i don't even remember what my word for 2010 was, which is a pretty good indication that i didn't absorb it as i needed to. by the look of my life right, i also can be pretty sure that my word last year wasn't balance. It must have been chaos or sickness or debt or something.

so here is my list of words that developed from my doodle...myself, creativity, marriage, keeping house, work, God, learning, nature, health, mothering(hanging on and letting go),friendships, quiet times and giving back/being generous.

i have alot to balance and am approaching it very carefully and slowly. One step at a time. Make a tangible goal for today and follow through. "Part of courage is simple consistence" and that is what i am be courageous, which i want to be, i need to be consistent with the small, mundane, daily aspects of my life so that I will have the courage to be fierce and true and honest and ready for the grand aspects of my life.

i read your post and thought "there's the suzy i know!" You are a big thinker! You can embrace large ideas and projects with zeal and enthusiasm and passion. That is the Suzy people  often see first. I want to encourage you today to embrace the small, mundane and daily aspects of your life with me today...let's both pick one tangible, fix right now goal and be brave by posting it and then holding each other accountable..All the while readying ourselves for the grand aspects of our lives that are coming!
so i will go first. i am in the middle of a very nasty flare up..two days ago i was optimistic that i was "better". the medication was working, i could eat what i wanted, i was going to start exercising again and enjoy an occasional was grand. it was time to shed the coat of chronic illness and get back in the game of i am two days later, unable to stand up straight, down in my weight again and as sick as i was a few months my goal today, just today, is to love myself. today. say kind words to myself. let myself know that i am more than my illness. let others help me. rest in the arms of the Father, who I know, even when i don't feel it, loves me. that is my goal just for today. love myself.  let others love me. nothing more. and believe me, it will be tough to be successful in this one.
i am eager to hear what your daily goal will be today. i love ya!


  1. Thanks Tania. Funny you say that... my thought this morning was not to get up until I felt rested. I wole up and I felt rested. So I got up. Very late. Now I'm going to get the house in order as quickly as I can so I can be ready for tomorrow... I want to make calls & get info regarding EI and what possible retraining is available...and my goal... get to bed by 11 and try and get myself back on a routine. Routine no matter how mundane is so important. I recognise that it is a key part of balance. Thats my day Tania.

  2. i am reading back over our posts to check up on us...and i am pleased to say that on this day, i did love myself, i did allow others to help me, i surrounded myself with positive was a good day. thanks for helping me hold myself accountable:)how did it go with the 11pm bedtime?