Monday, October 3, 2011


this week i am looking forward

i am anticipating
making pumpkin ice cream..
(if you would like some,
message me and i will make sure some
finds its' way to your freezer)

i am looking forward to
thanksgiving dinner
on monday with owen's family
i am looking forward to
quiet evenings with my family

i am anticipating a weekend spent with my daughter
i am excited about accomplishing one small art project this week
i am looking forward to sleeping in on sunday
i am excited about cooking with owen out of our new
donna hay cookbook
(it is gorgeous)

i am anticipating that not everything will be easy this week
and i am preparing myself for that reality.
i am looking forward to finding some journaling time and
     the tea that was given to me this weekend.
(thanks Jenny)
i am looking foreward to sending some snail mail
i am anticipating continued growth and stretching and love
and comfort and grief
all mixed together
helping to create
this life
i am so grateful for.

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