Monday, October 17, 2011

perfect love cast out fear.

so many of my reactions
can be fear based.
fear really is at the bottom of it all
unless we remember
perfect love.
the kind of love that you feel
when you are surrounded by
majestic trees deep in the forest.
the type of love that washes over you
when you gaze into a newborn baby's eyes.

you know the love?
the love that we sense in the crashing surf at the ocean
or when warm water washes over my toes in the tub
or while wandering
 through a garden
 overflowing with wild splendour?

that is what i am holding onto right now.
the belief that perfect love
casts out fear.
and if i can cast out the fear
that is starting to lurk in the corners
of my heart
then everything will be okay.

better than okay.
it will be exactly as it is meant to be
and i won't lose the lessons
because i am so busy reacting to the fear.

perfect. love.
casting out all that fear

(check out alexi murdoch's youtube video - it's only fear(lyrics)if you're the musical type)

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