Tuesday, October 25, 2011


being i am not sleeping much these nights
my mind has been remembering
all sorts of details.
last night
in a brilliant
but unsuccessful attempt to sleep
i decided to
journal at 2 am
and i found myself
listing memories from

my earliest memory
that my parents have told me
actually is true
is when i was 3 years old
lying in my crib.

i remember that we had spent the weekend
at my uncles house and i had been to the beach.
i can remember playing under the dock
and the crunching of the stones

somehow i managed to get a
very serious sun burn on my thigh
and so,
there i was,
lying in my crib,
with a bandaged leg
and there were all these grown ups looking down at me
and talking about my leg.
i can still sense their presence around me
speaking softly and smiling.
they seemed so caring and full of concern.
it must have been evening
because they were wearing their coats
 to go home.
my room was just beside the front door of the house
and my crib was along the wall that shared the hallway.

why do i remember this of all things?
why do we remember some experiences as so significant
and let others go forever?

last night i was able to remember
at least one significant
(to me)
memory or experience
until i reached about age 10.
then i forgot.
and then around 12
 i started remembering  again.

i have decided to explore
these memories
and see what they hold for me.
perhaps nothing or perhaps something.
it is a curiosity.
i like curiosities
and who better to be curious about than ourselves.

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  1. curiosities are what feed our imagination! can you imagine a world where no one wondered about anything? we'd still be in our hunter-gatherer stage. :)