Friday, October 14, 2011

good night sweetie pie...

it has been a long week.
there have been longer
and there will be longer yet
when i look back on this week
i can honestly say that there
has been way more good than bad
more easy than hard
more laughter than tears.

there have been tears..
quite a few
and there has been hard.
really hard.
but despite the tears and the hard
there has been an abundance
of goodness and grace and love and connection
and understanding and energy when there
isn't really any energy left to be found.
we were able to dig deeper than we thought possible
hold onto each other tighter than we maybe wanted to
and we have made it to friday

have a wonderful weekend!

dear maddy said to me as she went down for her nap..
"good night sweetie pie..."
that just
might have been the cutest thing i heard all week.

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