Sunday, October 2, 2011

when i woke up this morning

and i was in the place
between awake and asleep
i pulled the blankets
tight around me
and refused
to enter the day.
i wanted to stay in that place
where warmth and comfort
are found
and the challenges and joys of the day
are yet to be experienced.

but then i felt the tug
the hopeful and optimistic opportunities waiting
beauties that i would miss
if i didn't brave the cold morning
and begin again.

my thoughts turned and wandered
and i found myself thinking of
times of the past
easier times
spent in the company of
friends and family
and i
suddenly reilized
just how alone we can become
if we are not
careful to continue to build connections
to reach out
to allow ourselves to be reached.
it is easier i think to be alone
i also think
it must be souls shrinking
heart hardening.

today will be spent
accomplishing that which must be done
dishes, laundry, you know the stuff
that is suddenly so hard to accomplish.
mixed in with some soul connecting
and i intend to look and find
in so many places.

also, i am wearing a hand me down
expensive shirt from hannah
so not only do i feel
luxurious and rich
i feel like she is attached to me some how
even when we are apart.

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