Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a love note to Autumn

dear Autumn,
i just want to say that
i love you.
there is something magical
about being surrounded
by beauty and colour
everywhere i look.

i love that the leaves
change colour and flutter to the ground
laying me a carpet
to crunch and swoosh through.

i love that hidden under dying vines in the garden
there are round, plump pumpkins
waiting to be discovered
by inquisitive hands.

i feel so blessed when  brilliant blue sky
is the backdrop to the
tree filled with yellow and orange leaves
outside my kitchen window
and i feel hopeful.

thank you for the warmth of the sun
that still allows me to sit outside
every morning.

i love you follow
such a busy summer
and allow for a slowing down
as it stays darker later
inviting me to remain cosy under my blanket.

i love that you are a great reason
to wear lots and lots of layers and warm boots
and wool hats

the markets and stores fill up with your bounty
and i just can't resist
buying your bumpy gourds and oddly shaped squashes.
apples simmer on the stove and
root veggies become my stove's best friend.

but mostly
i love you because of all your colours.
the leaves are my favorite part
of you.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you Tania! I was taking it all in today - I saw as many coloured scarves on people as leaves on the ground when walking today :) It was quite chilly so I bought a soy chai latte (thought about the pumpkin latte though :) I love soothing drinks in Fall (and winter).
    And I love your posts :) xxoo Tracy