Friday, October 21, 2011

this moment

this moment
is like no other.
don't miss it.
remember it.
love it.
and if you don't love it,
change it
and if you can't change it
then learn to embrace it.
this moment
has something amazing
right now.
 i know it does.
and i want to capture it.
this moment
isn't coming back.

i am being forced
to sit in the moments.
forced because eventually our bodies tell us what to do
by getting stronger or getting weaker.
either way,
our bodies carry alot of influence
and mine is telling me
in a most firm voice
that sitting is the only option.
and so i am
sitting in the moments.

yesterday, when i was forced to sit in a moment
i found myself surrounded by four small souls,
all hugging me at the same time.
it was a little love fest
and my heart soaked up that lovely goodness.
oh my,
it soaked it up.

i am sitting in pain
and allowing my dear Thaddeus
to be my hands and feet
and he is going to be surrounded by that loving goodness.
being forced to sit
prevents me from being in control
chasing after the wandering lost one
i am having to trust more than ever before

having to sit
is clearing time for me to pray.
to seek. to ask. to wonder. to thank. to marvel. to gasp.
to be.

this moment is full.

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