Wednesday, October 19, 2011

not feeling the brightest...

not feeling the brightest
is what my one child said to me today as a reason
to not go to school.

fair enough
i thought.
 i wouldn't want to go anywhere if i wasn't feeling the brightest either
and then i started thinking.
thinking about the words we tell ourselves
over. and over again.
i "work" pretty "hard" at being positive
and reframing situations to see the "good"
i am able to
"turn that frown upside down"
for the most part.
but i am aware that
phrases like
"not feeling the brightest"
easily slip through my
positivity radar.

not feeling the brightest today.
i think,
that i am tired.
don't really want to have to think  or do
more than necessary.
need to be gentle with myself and others.
strip away anything that isn't vital or affirming.
do only what needs to be done.
let the rest go.
connect with loving people
and wrap up in a big blanket as soon as work is done.
allow others to make dinner and tidy up.
rest. bath.sleep.

looking at it this way,
in light of all that is going on here in this body and soul,
that sounds like a very bright plan...

perhaps the brightest.

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