Monday, October 24, 2011

quiet looked like this...

kicking through falling leaves
and hearing them crunch

sitting in the hot tub and then sitting in it again and again

moving from the hot tub to the bed

eating and drinking all sorts of food that
i really shouldn't but just wanted to anyhow so i did.

watching "breakfast club" with hannah and owen
and remembering just how tricky it is to be a teenager

working in my art journal,
taking two days to arrange a pile of chairs on top of each other
with a glue stick

playing card games with everyone
and driving Thad to distraction
with my relaxed card playing ways

just sitting and listening and being present with my family

cuddling on the most comfortable bed in the world
with hannah, owen and gid

having the grace to listen, just listen

allowing everyone the space to do as they needed
be that sleep, talk, eat, play, read.

celebrating owen's birthday with the quietest of gratitude
for the amazing man he is.

watching the peacocks

not taking even one photo.
not one.

being disconnected from facebook and internet and email
and enjoying that  "forced" break
 for the kids as well.

being woken up to a torrential rain fall
and then experiencing rain and hot tub together.

slowly easing into the return to home
and the realities of what the week will hold.

i am grateful for the rest.
most grateful

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