Thursday, October 6, 2011

what to do when sinking...

drink far more cups of tea than you already do.
wear thermal layers under your clothes to reduce shivering
eliminate all chores and functions not necessary for survival from your day
read Scardy Squirrel and take comfort that he survived.
stop checking emails to learn about children's lack of attendance at school
journal if you really want to remember any of this
don't journal if you prefer to forget quickly.
surround yourself with candles and flowers.
turn off all the lights
 (that teenage daughter insists on turning on to avoid the soothing atmosphere that candles create.)
spend as much time in your room as possible
(where you can control the lights.)
go to work.
(a sense of purpose is healthy and beneficial.)
cook dinner.
(this eliminates possible protest from family, which lowers risks of sinking)
make something that smells good.
love everyone as best you can
try not to  verbally attack people that you are not actually angry at.
make future plans that involve a beach and a martini
and a very favorite person.
wear warm socks.
change socks as soon as they get wet from walking through spills.
take a nap - on the weekend, not while working.
(that would be bad)
eat chocolate.
eat honey
eat more chocolate.
just eat. alot. all the time.
have a bath.
have another bath.
one more should do it.
(my all time record for baths in one day is 4)
find the humour in all situations.
read back over previous blog posts and see how calm and rational you can be.
love your life!

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