Saturday, October 8, 2011


being it is Thanksgiving weekend
i am thinking alot more than usual about
what i am thankful for
and about the gifts that i am given
each day.

i am trying to figure out
how to express gratitude
in a way that is meaningful
and personal.

do i call everyone that i am grateful for
do i send personal notes
do i make a "gratefulness" status of FB?
or do i do nothing
because it seems like too much work.
and what if i miss someone i am grateful for.

i wonder how often
we don't do something because of our
made up fears and expectations.
how often we don't extend an open invitation
a welcoming smile
or an understanding comment.

these are all daily gifts that we have the power to give.

i am also well aware
that i am far more blessed than most people
in our big world
i live in the land of plenty with a full fridge
and a comfortable, warm house.
 i carry some responsiblity to honour that gift
the one i am given daily and often forget to give thanks for.

there is much to be grateful for.

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