Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Accountability time Suzy!

January 26,
Dear Suzy,
OK lady today is the day. Well actually tomorrow will be the day. How are your goals doing? How about that to do list? Christmas decorations? Letter started? Walk today? Laughing enough? You and I have bantered back and forth, like you said for almost a month! I love it! This blog has become one of the favorite parts of my day. On your day, I wake up eager to see if you have posted and on my day, I look forward to the few minutes I am going to sneak away to write to you my dear lady!
So, it is only fair if I am asking you these accountability questions to tell you how I am doing.
This weekend I promised to wear the "tight pants" and I didn't do such a great job with that. I had a funk and hid in bed for saturday morning but then I hauled myself out, got a new hair cut, spoke firmly to myself and had a wonderful, restorative weekend. Let's see...on the health front...I am taking my medicine every day and keeping my dr's appointments and getting my blood work done regularly. I am enjoying the "rest" from my condition while I am on this medication and mentally preparing myself for when I go off of it and what may or may not happen. Each day I am making a list of what I need to acomplish and want to acomplish and I am crossing things is yesterdays list...

clean mirrorsdo
walking video
change attitude
fold and put away laundry

not too bad! and i felt great about having walked. I also made a new picture last week. Maybe i will take a picture and show you. last night hannah and owen and i were laying on our bed talking and laughing and hannah was remixing her wardrobe for us and life was sweet. the togetherness that we share with our kids is my biggest blessing i think. i treasure these days and store the away to remember...kinda like your sunday lunch!
Okay lovely lady, give me the lowdown on the goals and lists...let's get ready to ROCK February!


  1. I love how positive you always sound... I feel like a mental


    christmas stuff - done
    walk - a few times
    laughing - trying
    letters - not done
    gov'y - not done
    trying to get job as supply teacher - working on daily and it's sooo frustrating!
    health - cried today... got blood pressure done..still very high... no wonder
    cleanign - daily life
    blog - i love it, feel challenged mentally because I don't want to be negative but genuinely feeling overwhelmed.

    is that everything?

  2. wow! nice job suzy! nice job! don't worry, i am also feeling genuinely overwhelmed as well. for some reason, i am able to keep on projecting a positive's a moment by moment discipline that i am practicing...(for today! one day at a time!)...and like i said i was found hiding under covers once this week already, and on my knees a few times...don't ever feel like you are not a positive person lovely lady, you are a shining light to a lot of people (including me!) i love ya xoxox