Sunday, January 2, 2011

Glad to be joining you...

Hi dear Suzy,
Thank you for inviting me along on this most ambitious, brave and life changing adventure.
I am excited to be blogging with you, and excited to document and share the journey we are both embarking on. I am priveliged to know some of your goals and dreams ahead of time and I shout out an enthusiastic "yes!" to them...we must be brave with our lives so other's may be brave with theirs says a wise woman and I intend to be motivated and encouraged by your bravery!
My launch into the new year has been shaky at best, and I am considering this daily blogging ritual with you to be one of the anchors of my year. Here's to 365 days of growth dear lady! I love you! Tania

For those of you who will be joining us, Suzy will be blogging me a letter every other day and i will be responding. There will be a new post each day from one of us and we welcome your comments. Suzy will be orange and i will be, well green I think...the blog will get prettier with time I am sure...thanks for reading along with us.

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