Sunday, January 16, 2011

Closing the gap

january 16
dear suzy,
i loved waking up to your blog post this morning. thank you for sharing! i have a deep love affair with the written settles into my sould like an old friend. i find myself returning to written words often during the day, and always have a pen on the yea, blogging is a good fit for me as long as i write fast and furious and don't worry about who is reading, as long as i just get it out...get the thoughts down and let them go, not worrying about the reaction...then it is a good fit indeed.
so! what have you been up to since you last sat at the keyboard? tell me please, i am wondering how your day has been? what has stopped you in your tracks and shouted out "suzy! i am wonderful! look at me!" what has led you to tears perhaps? what has made you mutter under your breath? what moment had you saying "yes, that's what i'm talking about!" with satisfaction? tell me, tell me please!
here is what i have accomplished with my weekend. i decided to disconnect from facebook for the weekend. logged off on Friday afternoon and have been fighting ever since not to go back on...yikees! my pretend restaurant food might have burnt...seriously, i worry about such things, i do! So, as i am feeling the tug to log on and it is not yet the end of the weekend i decided to make a list of all the things i did this it is, uncensored and missing all the unpleasant moments that accompany my daily health drama...i listed mainly the good stuff:
i reworked the budget
listened to my phone messages
slept in twice
enjoyed time with owen
drank tea with intention
read a novel
ate chocolate
spent an afternoon with gideon and hannah
did photobooth pictures with hannah
had dinner out
had  lunch out
wondered aloud some hard questions
read a magazine
laughed and cried with Thaddeus
changed the sheets
cleaned the house
fought the old patterns in my head
connected with myself
listened to the rain
i am in no way saying that i do not participate in alot of those things all the time along with my facebook but it felt good to make a small step and follow through. that is what i think this is all about for me, this balance thing. being faithful with the little things,everyday.everyday.everyday.
i love you and am looking forward to your post tomorrow.

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  1. i just reilized that my title and my blog post don't match..closing the gap is this little profound thought i had that i was going to write about and then i was all busy typing about my no facebook list and forgot..tuesday i shall tell you about closing the gap...