Monday, January 24, 2011

Whispering to cows...

this weekend i whispered
to the cows
they were all the way
across the field
when i called them
they came
staring at me
with their large, soulful eyes
and i
how i eat them...
as a small girl, i walked by cows everyday
and here is a sweet confession...
i sang to them
the cow song
as i am reconnecting with myself
i am discovering that the joys of our childhood
and youth
are often still close to our heart.
they seem to become lost sometimes, but not forgotten.
i am going to ponder today
what was close to my heart when i was
young and less burdened
some i know right away!
Books! Cameras! Hiking!
but some are deeper i think
i am going looking today
to find the deep joys that
are the foundation
i stand on.


  1. I love this blog! I remember in teachers college taking this workshop froma lady that had us dance and leap and thrust and swing the way we did as kids. Her point was that as we age we disconnect from our bodies and lose touch. It was one of most exhilerating worshops I've ever done... funny I went in grumbling and came out smiling...

  2. Great blog today, Tania! What I love about being a mom and being around children, is having the chance to be a kid. It always feels so good to get back to that free, happy, joyous place that we had as kids. :D