Friday, January 14, 2011

Believe you are worth it!

Dear Suzy,

two weeks ago, give or take a day, we decided to start this blog as a way of encouraging, reminding, sharing, challenging each other to stay "on track" with our goals. i love the new year. the fresh start. i love the thought of lists and challenges and daily routines that make for a more positive, productive, meaningful, joy filled life. i really do! so, for these past two weeks there have been very few moments where i haven't had the thought of you and your goals and me and my goals on my mind. i have had ample time for reflection, thinking, praying, reading, watching others and i am thrilled with my progress:)
it feels good to say that. my biggest personal goal this year, besides regaining my health, is to live a balanced life. along with that balance, i am seeking a positive attitude, kindred friendships, self love and some good old authentic living thrown in for good measure. these past two weeks i have made some small but measurable steps in the right direction. i have had hard conversations where i have said "no", balanced with a wonderful ongoing conversations that i am able to say "yes" to. saying no is progress for me. i have created art for myself, just because it feels good. i have taken steps to rest and recover. i have surrounded myself with positive words and images. i have sought balance for just a few days, and found it. this is good.
so i am wondering what prevents me from doing this all the time. what is it that stops me from believing i am valuable enough to seek the best for my life? that is my question for myself and perhaps for you? what is it that allows us to dream and list and wish for and pray for but not follow through with those very dreams and goals? i am aware that two weeks of "progress" will not erase the patterns that have taken forty some years to i wonder, how long will it take for me to believe that i am worth it...(hee hee, i just reilized that is a hair dye much for profound words)

here is my art..

i would love to know your progress report if you feel like sharing...i love that our goals and dreams are organic and can change and bend and develop as our days progress...have a wonderful weekend...and i was thrilled to hear that your day with hannah was wonderful. i love wonderful hannah filled days:)


  1. oh, thank you. that warms my heart. thank you also for reading along with us..i sense you are here for the journey we are embarking on...

  2. oh no i don't think so. i do art for therapy and creative fun...thanks for asking though..

  3. Well if you dont sell it, where do you put it all?