Sunday, January 30, 2011

the dark side of optimism...

january 30
dear suzy,
perhaps the dark side of optimism
is forgetting the
pain and jolt
and grief and disapointment
and having to feel it anew
and fresh again.
perhaps the dark side
of optimism
is having a wounded
broken heart
over and over again
perhaps the bright side of
is just that.
forgetting. letting go. fresh starts
hope and joy and
so that on those dark
grief filled days,
it feels like the first
time, and surely
it won't be all that bad
and most certainly tomorrow is a new day
and god is always faithful
so really,
there is nothing to fear,
nothing too big to overcome
nothing that will knock me down
and not let me back up
if that is what i choose to do.
and getting back up and
pursuing the good
is what i choose to do.
so really
there is no dark side
to optimism...
just a choice as to how
i am going to proceed.

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