Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan 13 2011                                   Blog #5 Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman
Dear Tania
 The Journey is the gift!  That is what I read on a piece of artwork today. It looked like something that you might have made. I would have bought it except for the price tag… lol… so that got me thinking...we did not do enough art work together! When you come out here please bring your ideas and let’s do some art ok. I love the way you put text into your work.
today was a great day! Hannah and I spent frivilous hours of laughter and love together. Wonderful time spent creating memories. Left me wanting more J

My confession is that I want more laughter and love. It revives the heart and refreshes the soul. Dreams… more days like today. Speaking of which… I hope that your day was better. Oh yeah… I was in a university today… made me realize how much I miss being a student. I am definitely going to try and get into a night school class if I can. What rich fertile soil to spend time in.

He who opens a school door,       
closes a prison. Victor Hugo

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