Wednesday, January 12, 2011

inspiration for you

dear suzy,
i have words, but my body won't let them out today.
 so instead i send you inspiration...enjoy...the words will come later i am sure...

these images come from two blogs i follow... and
i appreciated your post yesterday and have a page full of responses and thoughts and questions and ideas i want to share with you. today i send you peace and a mustard seed....i love you...


  1. Thanks Tania... <3 the inspiration!!

    Tomorrow i'm heading out with girls to check out the local college, get my blood work done(got a new Dr.. working on that goal)... I'll post when I get home... havea great day tomorrow!

  2. sounds good..i have lots to write about all of a sudden...can't wait till it's my turn tomorrow. hope you are having a good day.