Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 23rd 2011                              Blog #9   Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman

Dear Tania
Confession… missed another blog…. How hard is it to write a blog every other day? Apparently very tough.. J
Well I walked to church today. The birds were singing and the sun was glistening off the snow. The air was crystal clean and things felt so peaceful. I took the opportunity to enjoy the solitude and pray. I enjoy praying as I walk… the quietness seems to beckon me to lift up my thoughts to god. I love living this close to the church & enjoy walking. coming home the snow is melting so fast because of the warm winds that have blown in.
                  I came home feeling refreshed and started on lunch. simple foods and smiles around the table. can life get better than this? We are all here enjoying this special moment together. Soon barry & hannah will be gone again. carol will be off as well. and how much longer will we have abby and kostin?   days like these are gifts. diamonds in the beautiful crown I’ve been blessed with as a mom. time is a fickle friend… it can be the enemy that takes them away too soon but today time is my friend. giving me a precious hour before dishes, naps and everything else that has to happen today. thank you god for letting me live my dream today.  

artwork from a blog/artist 'time with tashia' I thought you would like her tania

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