Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jan 19 2011                                   Blog #8 Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman

Dear Tania
Good Morning my friend… how are you today? I trust the body is cooperating J

When I read your blog I am noticing that you often reconcile your actions with your decisions and question your motives. Super accountability to yourself. I think I do that also but mostly from the comfort of my bed at the end of the day. That way the guilt can keep me up for endless hours as I try to unwind. You just got to love life! Yahoo! Guilt… what a lovely bi product.
So… in an effort to be more accountable (I guess I’m too soft on myself… hence the overweight issue) I am going to actually publish for the world to see, my “to do list’. This way should you get bored and want to yell at someone… you can ask me how my list is doing! lol!!
1.             Dam taxes
2.            Talk with student loan (aka government who I hate!)
3.            Write to Margarite, Lavonne, my mother, and call Paul.
4.           Get back in a regular routine which includes going to bed earlier… still have not broke this bad habit
5.            Go for daily walks (exercise … ugh)
Ok so I have 5 to do’s. Sounds easy enough. 5 things to be a grown up about. 5 things to do and then be able to sleep guilt free at night.

Meanwhile… in the real world of middle age, no job humdrum… I am going to finish organizing our computer/office space. Had to go to Ikea to purchase shelving yesterday. Rick helped me get them made last night. So I’m ready to start following this ‘late’ blog.  By the by, my interview went well. I am going to go in and start volunteering… meet the teachers, and then they shall put in the request to district. I would prefer instant gratification like how I got in to LCA but this is obviously not the root my Daddy wants. Perhaps I’m up for patience, or endurance, or persistence training. Yipee J Of course you know all this is written with humor, laughs and giggles. If not for you then for myself! This blog is so therapeutic for me. All the sarcasm and reflection is very helpful in a positive way! Lol…
Ok.. confession > my list! Dream > that I complete my list!

As always, with love Suzy

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