Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan 25th 2011                                Blog #10   Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman

Dear Tania
Can you believe we are almost through our first month of blogging? It feels like marriage… lol.. some days it’s like yesterday and most days feels like 50 years… lol… I’m sure you can appreciate the humour!
                   Well I’m drawing a blank today Tania. I’m not sure what to write about. My big goal today is to deal with the Christmas decorations that are in my office waiting to organized and put away. We have visitors coming for dinner tonight so it’s always good for motivation! My other thought… hasn’t made it to a goal yet… is to write 1 letter to one of ladies I need too. This accountability is killing me Tania. I don’t know about you, but when I’m writing this stuff I often start giggling to myself. I hear so much humour in my blogging. Just now Abby asked me why I was laughing… (when writing the marriage comment) Of course one never knows how another may read something. Does it sound dry, boring, ok… ? I certainly feel the humour as I write. Most of it sarcastic humour which some won’t even accept as humour… but being raised in Canada, do we have any other type? Our house is filled with a great deal of sarcastic humour! Oh and ‘pun’ humour. That’s Rick contribution. We groan, he laughs! Thank God for giggles and laughs. Wouldn’t life be horrible without it! We need more laughter in our homes. Kids are great for that. I remember my first year at LCA. I kept asking God why I was there… in a grade 3 class. Didn’t he know I was ‘high school’ trained? It slowly dawned on me. I was there to learn how to laugh again. Those kids smothered me with love and laughter! It was an exceptional year. Interestingly where am I again? Spending time in 2 elementary schools. I spent last night designing some art worksheets for an art class I’m going to start volunteering at. I’m excited about getting back to the little ones.
                  Well I need to run. I’m taking Abby to the hairdresser to get a new look. Funny, the ‘new’ one she wants looks just like the ‘old’ one she wants to depart from. She says she wants something ‘different’…lol.. now that’s funny! $45 on a new, old look! OK..gotta run. Gonna take my writing stuff with me!
Picture from when I was free to laugh with abandon…  16.. still innocent

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  1. free to laugh with abandon...i remember growing up and sometimes my mom would find something funny and start laughing..she would laugh so hard that she would have tears streaming down her face, she would clutch her belly and not stop. i thought she was crazy..now i reilize she hadn't laughed often and must have been laughing with abandon during those times...we need to make sure we laugh that way when we visit with each other next!