Monday, January 31, 2011

Jan 31st 2011                 Blog #12   Confessions and dreams of a middle age woman

Dear Tania
                  I’ve been thinking about your blog…  appreciation comes from realizing that two sides of something are part of the whole…. Theologically we see that and experience that all the time. God is great...  we know that because we also know that Satan is so bad! Love is beautiful because hate is so wicked. Life with Christ is life, life without is well..death…

     Two sides of the same if you will. How that can be, or is allowed to be, is beyond our ability to understand. Follow me for a moment down the rabbit hole. The hypostatic union is the union of both Christ as man and Christ as God. Both in one. Satan is a created being made with the full knowledge of what would it would become, and yet made and allowed by God. Not God, but created within the mind of God. For what purpose? Perhaps for the very purpose of helping us realize the brightness of God! The Gift of God. The life of God. Without it would we be so quick to appreciate the greatness of God?
                  Take the weather today… it’s -38! Lovely…lol… but sitting here feeling the cold coming though the window and after just looking at the artist you sent me a link to.. I am of course reminded of Victoria where I wore my sandals year round. It would be easy to pine away for the weather and city of Victoria and wonder why in the world we moved away… yet I am quickly aware, would I really appreciate the warmth and beauty of Victoria if I didn’t have the cold nibbling at me right now? And so the two work together. I don’t like it. I wish we could appreciate all the good without the bad at all. Yet God in his knowledge must have known our nature and allowed for both sides to exist so we would choose the better.
And so…. Without a confession ~ what is a dream?

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